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Corporate Profile

EUNICE ENERGY GROUP is a significant player in the renewable energy sector, showcasing a holistic and diverse approach towards sustainable energy solutions. Focus on various aspects of the energy ecosystem, from renewable energy production to energy storage, clean energy supply, hybrid power systems, and electric vehicle infrastructure, demonstrates a commitment to addressing different facets of the energy transition.
Established in 2001, showing consistent growth. Operates 100MW of energy production with over 1,600MW under development in wind and photovoltaic projects.
Manages two large-scale energy storage stations, contributing to grid stability. Also, the group is Involved in a significant project connecting Egypt and Greece for energy stability in Europe, and Hydrogen projects indicating strategic importance.
Eunice Power subsidiary offers 100% clean and green energy to end-consumers, positioning the group as a leader in Greece.
Hybrid Power System S4S in Tilos island, converting the island to an energy-independent island, emphasizing the commitment to remote areas. The S4S Technology and Aftonomo System integrates renewable energy sources with energy storage and smart management.
The Company manufactures a Greek wind turbine with a capacity of 50kW, emphasizing local production and innovation, and designs and produces EV chargers exclusively in Greece.
Joltie subsidiary offers a user-friendly app and reliable charging stations, promoting a hassle-free EV charging experience.
Overall, EUNICE ENERGY GROUP’s diverse portfolio and involvement in major projects demonstrate a commitment to sustainability, innovation, and contributing to the transition towards cleaner and more efficient energy systems.





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